How To Secure My Password


Password works as an access key to your favorite stuff. In this digital era, we all need strong and secured passwords to protect our data and privacy. To do so, we have to choose a passcode or password from online and offline threats to our data. But the questions arises, what should be your password.

You might be searching on google, how to create a strong password or how secure is my password or how strong is my password. If you! Then you are at right place. We will tell you about your password security and will tell you how to create a strong password.

How secure is my password?

In this paragraph, we will discuss about how secure is your password. From securing our mobile devices to encrypt confidential data, we use passwords but how strong and secure is my password.

We can use anything as our password but remembering those passwords is a tedious task. We will discuss about it in
next paragraph. If you have created a strong password then preventing it from theft and cracking is most important. There are various websites available on google to check how strong is my password and how secure is my password.

As we know, nothing is secure in this world. Passwords come also in this, they are very easy to crack.
Choosing a group of random alphabets and numbers i.e. dictionary attack or by making some suggestions or brute force attack or phishing etc. can be used to crack a password. The cyber criminals can crack your password with any of these techniques. The important thing to make a password secure and strong is to use long tail words with random size of alphabets.

How to create a strong password?

After discussing how secure my password is, we will discuss on how to create a strong password. To rely on your password, it is required to be strong and secured enough. Most of us uses very easy password such as ‘12345678’ or ‘qwertyuiop’ as they are very easy to remember. The more complicate password you choose, the more secured it will be. There are some factors regarding strong and secured password which are as:

  • Make Long password : This is the most critical factor. Choose nothing shorter than 15 characters, more if possible to have secure password.
  • Use combination of characters : The more you mix up characters (upper-case and lower-case), numbers, symbols the more secured password is and harder it is to crack or guess for hackers.
  • Avoid using common substitutions : You need to avoid common substitution people generally use while creating password whether Password or Pass1234, the brutforce attackers can easily crack it down in just few minutes. These days, random placement is much more effective than leetspeak (It is informal language or code used on the internet, in which standard letters are replaced by numerals or special characters) substitutions, like ” 6455w0rd “
  • Don’t use keyboard memorable path : Much like the advice above not to use sequential letters, number, do not use sequential keyboard path either( like : qwerty). These are among the first choice to be guessed by someone.



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